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Photo and artwork by Karen Hickey.

~"If you love the sound of Johnny Cash, then you're going to love this album."
Performer on the Johnny Cash show (1958-1997).  Member: Country Music DJ Hall of Fame and Western Music Hall
of Fame.  Author of CBS TV's "Paladin" theme.  Currently a radio personality at AM 1070 KFDI in Wichita, KS.

~"I am very proud to have played on this album with Bill.  He has captured the sound of Johnny Cash in both guitar
and voice better than anyone I've ever heard."
Legendary pioneering drummer in both Rockabilly and Country fields.  Original drummer for Carl Perkins at Sun
Records playing on all his original hits.  Exclusive drummer for Johnny Cash since 1960.  

More reviews from CD Baby & customers:

"As an avid country listener I think this album really carries the torch. In an era when so many artists are playing pop
songs under the country guise this is the real deal! Johnny's gone but his memory will live on forever with artists like
Bill Dewey reminding us of this great man's contribution to the American culture. If you like Johnny Cash, or just good
country music, you'll love this. Well done Bill."
----John Steenblock  Rating: 5 stars.

"This CD is great and can't wait until he has another one out. His voice is wonderful and his talent is a
God send to all of us. Don't stop the music. Listen to the CD all the times while I'm walking."
----Kathy Yakel  Rating: 5 stars.

"I was playing this CD and a family member walked in and didn't know that it was Bill singing. Everyone
who hears it swears that it is Johnny Cash singing. We want more!! These songs are awesome! A good job done
----Flo Cose  Rating: 5 stars.

"This album is unbelievably well done! The vocals are so similar to Johnny Cash, yet Dewey has his own style that will
keep fans wanting more. The guitar playing is the closest to Luther Perkins that I've ever heard!"
----Gary Schiller  Rating: 5 stars.

Bill Dewey is the best guitar player that Johnny Cash never had, Bill can re-create that Johnny Cash
sound better than anyone I know, but don't take my word for just listen and hear for yourself!
----Justin Curtis  Rating: 5 stars.

"Move over, here comes Bill Dewey! Extraordinary voice, great music, and great production. Every
country music fan needs this CD in their collection. What a wonderful tribute to such a great man! Thank you Bill."
----Karen Harris  Rating: 5 stars.

"Right away from the first track; Big River, through to the last; Folsom Prison Blues, the thought of how
much Bill sounds like Johnny, yet maintains his own distinctive sound makes this a wonderful tribute!
The selection of songs make this CD enjoyable for people of all ages! Looking forward to Volume 2!"
----Mark Jamtgaard  Rating: 5 stars.

"If you like Johnny Cash music, Bill's CD is the next best to Johnny himself!! I am VERY impressed with
his musical God-given gift!! You'll enjoy this CD and listen to it often."
----J. Ann Norem   Rating: 5 stars.
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