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Electric edgy traditional country/rockabilly twang aggression!

That’s Bill Dewey and the Dynammics in seven words. Moreover, Bill is an
entertainer with a great amount of experience as a singer/songwriter, lead
guitar player, and recording artist. He has recorded and performed in and
around both Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee. In addition, working many
locations in the Southeast and Midwest U.S.A. He has also worked with
many of the top musicians and producers in Nashville. His CD in tribute to
Johnny Cash has received 5 star world reviews. He and his band are
energetic electric performers with a unique style. In the traditions of
country/honky-tonk, and rockabilly/rock and roll. His influences are diverse,
and makes for a very interesting exciting musical mix.
Johnny Cash fans, this is
a must for you! Recorded
with members of Cash's band
(The Tennessee Three) with
Dewey on lead guitar. What
emerged is said to be a
acknowledgement of
Cash's musical legacy.