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Artist: Bill Dewey                                        

Title: My tribute To Johnny Cash

Label: Nammics Records Nashville

Review By: Marcus Thell (Radio Sweden)

Rating: 4 "hats", (5 "hats" is the best you can get!)

Bill Dewey´s tribute CD started in July 2003 and was almost finished
when "The Man in Black" died. The musicians that were used have
played with Cash - they are; Dave Roe on bass, drummer W.S. Holland, and
pianist Jack Hale. The electric guitar is played by Dewey himself, and he
does it very well. The songs aren´t just the most well known hits,
(although "Folsom Prison Blues", "Sunday Morning Coming Down" and "Big River"
are included), he also does a few little less known hits like "Mean
Eyed Cat", "One Piece At A Time" and "Let Me Down Easy". The CD has a
total of 10 songs and, sadly, just a total time of 26 minutes. I would
happily have seen 5-6 more songs. But the ones that are included here
are good. Dewey´s voice and style are very close to the Cash originals.
The best songs are "Luther Played The Boogie", "Mean Eyed Cat", "I´m Free
From The Chain Gang Now", "Let Me Down Easy", and "Long Black Veil".
Bill has done a very good tribute CD to the greatest country singer
of all time, Johnny Cash! You can buy this CD from Bill´s website at

We saw you today, 11/12/05 in Sandstone, MN. Loved it, great. Absolutely blown away by your show. Johnny Cash
would be proud. You have a real gift. Thanks for coming to Midwest Country.
It was our 1st visit there.
(Pat Otten)

CD Rating = Five Stars

This album is fantastic.  
Such a great and talented person.  He has the sound of Johnny Cash
perfected.  Thanks Bill!!!  
(Sam Szuliman)   
CD Rating = Five Stars

We think your band is wonderful and can't wait to hear you again!  We
saw you over Labor Day weekend, when you played in the
rain for your die-hard fans! Your web site is marvelous!  I enjoyed the pictures and also the bio
very much.  And of course your music is always the greatest!  
Thank you!
(Ruth W.)

Bill's history is very interesting. I'm proud to be a casual acquaintance of his now.
His talent, and especially his closeness to his fans, make him good people.......
(Steve Orihood)

I have always enjoyed listening to Johnny Cash, but after I saw Bill perform he not only brought Johnny's music
alive, but with his own style. He was just great fun to watch.
(Jack Anderson)
CD Rating = Five Stars

One of the most down to earth guys you will ever meet. Bill has a very unique style and appearance. Closest to
Johnny I have ever seen. His show is very electric. Every Johnny fan should have his CD.
(Skipper Gerstel, Photographer Of The Stars).
CD Rating = Five Stars

My grandma, grandpa & I went to one of Bill's concerts. I could hear my grandma talking to my grandpa saying, he
sounds just like Johnny. I thought he was pretty good myself.
Bill, you are a very good singer. KEEP IT UP!
(Patricia Evans)
CD Rating = Five Stars

As a well known collector of the recordings of the late Johnny Cash I was very much impressed by the sound,
especially the guitar-work, but also by Bill having his own distinctive singing style without trying to copy Johnny
Cash's voice. Comparing this album with a lot of others entitled e.g. "...Singing the Songs of Johnny Cash", this
one stands out as really special.  
No one will regret the buying of this CD!
(Peter Anderl)
Austria's #1 Country-DJ
CD Rating = Five Stars

Man you ROCK!! Always have and always will.
(Jamie Cummings)